What are the conditions for opening a shop on Tmall Global?

Posted by Admin on June 10, 2021 in Chinese market

As Alibaba’s cross-border e-commerce platform, Tmall Global is committed to providing Chinese consumers with global imported goods and direct overseas lifestyle. At the same time, Tmall Global is also the preferred platform to help overseas brands directly reach Chinese consumers and establish brand awareness and consumer insight. So far, more than 29000 overseas brands from 87 countries and regions have joined in Tmall Globall, covering more than 5800 categories, of which more than 80% have entered China for the first time.

Tmall Global has the following conditions for businesses to sell products on this platform:

Basic conditions:

1.Own overseas corporate entities;

2.It’s the brand party/Own brand authorization/Provide a complete chain of goods purchase certificate from the brand.

Preferential admission conditions:

1.Overseas well-known entity stores or B2C websites;

2.Overseas famous brands not entering Chinese market.

Tmall global has the following types of stores:

Tmall global flagship store

1.Original brand trademark r registered overseas for more than one year, and the brand has retail operation overseas;

2.If the applicant company is the brand authorized party, it needs to provide the exclusive authorization issued by the trademark owner to the company, and only one level of authorization is required;

3.Give priority to invite the best-selling brands in overseas; If the brand has opened a shop on Tmall, the confirmation document of the brand party shall be provided.

Tmall global exclusive store

1.The original of 35 categories trademarks registered overseas for more than one year;

2.Local well-known real retail stores or B2C websites should provide real retail store photos or websites;

3.If the applicant company is the brand authorized party, it needs to provide the exclusive authorization issued by the trademark owner to the company, and only one level of authorization.

Tmall global franchise store

Operating a number of other people’s brand goods stores.

Document requirements for Tmall Global

1.Business license of overseas company.

2.The company’s tax registration certificate or the latest tax payment certificate.

3.ID card of authorized representative and contact person of the store.

4.Certificate of account opening or public statement of the main enterprise.

Tmall Global merchants are all entities outside the Chinese mainland with overseas retail qualifications. All the commodities sold are originated or sold overseas, and enter the customs through international logistics. All Tmall Global merchants will provide Chinese customer support for their stores and provide customer service after sale, customers can buy overseas products just like Taobao shopping. In terms of logistics, Tmall Global requires businesses to complete the delivery within 120 hours and arrive within 14 working days, and ensure that the whole process of logistics information can be tracked.

Advantages of Tmall Global:

1.The huge customer group and the flow superiority;

2.shorten the intermediate trade channels, reduce the channel fees and increase the gross profit rate of enterprises;

3.Direct access to overseas market information and feedback, improve the sensitivity of the overseas market, is conducive to precision marketing and personalized customization services;

4.Strong warehouse logistics system and service, especially in North America, Europe and Japan. The seller only needs to be responsible for selling the products, and Tmall will provide a unified standard service mode for later packaging, logistics, return and exchange.