What brand of beer do Chinese like to drink?

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Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in the world, it is the third most consumed beverage in the world after water and tea. Beer was introduced into China in the early 20th century and belongs to foreign wine. With the deepening of Chinese understanding of beer, beer has gradually become one of the main alcoholic beverages consumed by Chinese people. At present, the main brands in China’s beer market are Snowflake Beer, Tsingtao Beer, Budweiser InBev, Harbin Beer and Carlsberg, with a total market share of 70% % Above, the industry concentration is high. Data shows that in 2018, China Snowflake Beer accounted for 23 .2% of the market share and ranked in the first place; Next came Tsingtao Beer and Budweiser InBev, with a market share of 16 % above; Small and medium-sized brands other than the five major brands have nearly 30%  of market share.

Snowflake Beer

Brand finance, the UK’s leading brand assessment agency, has released a list of the world’s most valuable beer brands in 2020. It is understood that there are 50 beer brands on the list, and two of the top ten brands are from China. The two beer brands listed in China are Snowflake Beer and Harbin Beer.

Snowflake Beer signed an agreement with Heineken group, the world’s second largest Brewery Group, to acquire all the shares of Heineken group’s six companies in China and all the issued shares of Heineken Hong Kong Co., Ltd., thus obtaining all the business of Heineken beer in China. For Snowflake Beer, with the help of Heineken’s important brand strength and channel advantages, it will help it take an important step in the high-end.

Harbin Beer

Harbin Beer is the earliest beer brand in China, it was founded by Russian businessman ulubrevsky. After 100 years of development, Harbin Beer Group has become the fifth largest beer brewing enterprise in China. As a leader in the Northeast market, Harbin Beer Group has 66% market share in Harbin and the market share in the whole country is about 5 %, It is also exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Tsingtao Beer

So far, Tsingtao Beer takes “Tsingtao Beer + Laoshan Beer” as its brand strategy. Among them, “Tsingtao Beer” as the main brand, positioning in the high-end, is the main force of product upgrading; “Laoshan Beer ” as the second brand, positioning in the mass market. In China’s high-end and super high-end beer market, AB InBev is the only one, occupying 46.6% of the market share. Although Tsingtao Beer ranks second, the share gap with AB InBev is more than 30%, and there is still a lot of room for growth.


In China’s beer market, Budweiser is not the biggest player, but the most profitable one. According to the total consumption, China Snowflake Beer, Tsingtao Beer and Budweiser ranked the top three in China beer market. But in terms of profitability, last year, Budweiser made a net profit of 9.6 billion yuan, while China Snowflake Beer and Tsingtao Beer respectively made only 9.77 billion and 14.22 billion yuan in the same period.

In fact, the reason is very simple, Budweiser takes a high-end route. In the high-end and super high-end markets where the price of a single bottle is more than 10 yuan, Budweiser occupies an absolute dominant position with 46.6% of the market share, it has surpassed its peers in terms of ton price and high-end product structure.


Affected by the epidemic, the output of China’s beer industry will drop by 7% in 2020. However, the sales volume of Carlsberg China increased by 3.3%, realizing the improvement of market share, and the net income broke the milestone of RMB 10 billion, achieving a growth of 7.1%. Carlsberg China’s performance in 2020 is far better than the industry level.

Carlsberg group is the third largest beer company in the world,its excellent performance in 2020 is inseparable from Carlsberg China’s continuous efforts in high-end products in recent years. The basis of high-end is Carlsberg China’s “local strong brand + International high-end brand”.

From the layout of China’s leading beer enterprises, China Snowflake Beer, Tsingtao Beer and Budweiser have realized the nationwide layout. Specifically, Snowflake Beer has obvious sales advantages in Sichuan, northeast and East China; Tsingtao Beer has higher sales in Shandong and Shaanxi; Budweiser has certain advantages in Jilin and South China.

In recent years, the per capita disposable income of Chinese residents has gradually increased. Driven by the upgrading of consumption, the demand for medium and high-end beer is increasing. China’s leading beer enterprises optimize the product structure, launch medium and high-end products one after another, and layout the medium and high-end beer market.

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