What do you know about Weibo——China’s social platform?

Posted by Admin on June 9, 2021 in Chinese digital marketing

Weibo is one of the main social platforms in China. Based on the user relationship, users can access through a variety of mobile terminals such as PC and mobile phone, and realize the real-time sharing, dissemination and interaction of information in the form of text, picture, video and other multimedia. In China, Weibo has almost become a necessary app for mobile phones.

Weibo hot search list has become its representative label. For most users, the first thing after logging in Weibo is to see what’s new on the hot search list. Weibo is an important channel for people to understand the hot spots of facts. Weibo users can be divided into star account, internet influencer account, enterprise account, government account, ordinary person account, etc. Most of China’s stars have accounts on Weibo, so it has become a place for Chinese users to pursue stars. You should know, stars have great influence in China. In addition, there are also Weibo experts who have professional opinions in various vertical fields. Users usually follow Weibo experts in the same field according to their own interests. They will leave comments under the blog posts published by the stars or experts they follow, interact with the bloggers, or praise and share the posts.

According to the user development report released by Weibo in 2020, as of September 2020, the number of Monthly Active User on Weibo has reached 511 million and that of Daily Active User is 224million. The Weibo users continue to show a trend of youth, of which the post-90s and Post-00 accounts for nearly 80%, and the female users are larger than male users. In terms of life consumption and interest, Weibo users of different ages show obvious intergenerational characteristics.

63.1% of users pay attention to star accounts on Weibo, which is the most irreplaceable part of Weibo compared with other social media — users are closer to stars than ever before. The second is interest in life and news media, which means that users’ demand for interest information on Weibo exceeds the timeliness of news.

31.8% of users pay attention to acquaintances’ accounts on Weibo, and Internet influencers have similar attention. Users’ attention is obviously interest information oriented rather than social.

Up to 81.5% of Weibo users preferred image text Weibo, followed by short video and GIF, accounting for 59.6% and 40.8% respectively. The attraction of long articles is slightly higher than that of pure text, and the attraction of live streaming is the lowest, only 10.4%.

Because of the collection of the most popular topics and industry information, Weibo is still a very good platform for enterprises to promote brand image and corporate image, and is also an indispensable part of new media marketing.

How should enterprises operate Weibo?

1.Setting up “personal characters” on Weibo

Weibo positioning is one of the issues to be considered in the operation of Weibo. Combined with the principles of interactivity, interesting content and professionalism, we should try to be close to the “human design” of self positioning.

2.Ridding on the wave of hot spot or stars’ popularity

There are often super topics on Weibo, and contacting them will bring a lot of traffic. Because Weibo star or influencer has a large number of fans, with its own traffic and popularity, so the interaction with them should also be increased.

3.Paying attention to fans’ relay and comments

As long as the content is outstanding, it will attract the active attention of Weibo users and a large number of relay. The opinions of fans have accumulated all the public praise of your Weibo. Therefore, you must maintain positive interaction with fans.

4.Paid to promote

Paid advertising can bring high exposure in the short term. Once the advertisement is stopped, the degree of attention will be significantly reduced, but a certain degree of fans can still be accumulated during the online period of the advertisement.