xiaohongshu influencer marketing

Xiaohongshu is a lifestyle platform and consumer decision-making portal, founded by Mao Wenchao and Qu Fang. As of July 2019, the number of users of Xiaohongshu has exceeded 300 million, of which 70% are post-90s.

Because Xiaohongshu is a sharing shopping platform with the characteristics of large traffic, high accuracy of fans and younger audience, it has become a booster of popular products in China. Among them, Internet influencer marketing plays a decisive role, mainly in the following three ways:

1.Recommendation of star and Internet influencer

With the help of the star and Internet influencer, let the brand or product break out in a short time, and guide consumption on the premise of sharing.

2.Internet influencers unite to monopolize the screen

From one  to dozens of Internet influencers recommend product or brand together to attract the attention of most users.

3.Product evaluation

After evaluating the product, Internet influencer shares her own experience. In the eyes of consumers, this way has higher credibility and they are easier to be persuaded to buy the product.

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Product evaluation

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Sincere recommendation

Award winning interaction

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