Zhihu advertising

Zhihu has strong production value in many fields, such as mother and baby, education, cosmetics, finance and economics. Because of so many commercializable and high-value content, Zhihu has now changed from “consumption content” to “content consumption”.

The advantage of Zhihu lies in the conventional thinking of the general public is that Zhihu represents professionalism, rationality and objectivity. Many audiences expect to get more professional answers on Zhihu. If a brand can use Zhihu channel well and output high-quality articles, it will have a good guidance for users and achieve a better brand promotion effect.

Nowadays, traffic has been replaced by commercial discourse. Zhihu has attached a variety of high-quality content in various fields of specialization, verticality and depth, and has become a carrier for people to explore the world. By delivering high-quality content, we can build a trust relationship with consumers, and constantly deepen the impression and favor of users. This also makes many users need to further understand the brand in Zhihu, and also builds a trust bridge for the brand to create high-quality content.

how to make marketing with zhihu?

Content marketing

1.Answer ranking optimization——Screen out the hot issues related to account through the process of accurate topic selection system, and then output high-quality content around issues and optimize it to the first level, so as to obtain a large amount of exposure, attract traffic to follow accounts and divert traffic to other platforms.

2.Keyword ranking optimization——Zhihu users generate 1000W + search behaviors every day, of which brand / product related keywords account for 5% – 8%. When users search product words, such as “steaming oven”, “mobile phone”, “notebook”, through high-quality content output and ranking optimization, brand information is displayed in the top 10 of search results, which can increase brand exposure and obtain more accurate traffic.

3.Problem hype——By planning questions and operation, the brand side’s questions will get 10W + traffic support exposure, and then optimizing the brand answers to the first position of questions to get a lot of exposure.

4.Hot list display——Hot list is the central point with the largest traffic of Zhihu, through topic planning and operation, brand answers can be listed on Zhihu hot list, and then the brand answers can be optimized to the top three positions of questions to get a lot of exposure.

5.Circle operation——Zhihu circle is similar to Baidu Post Bar. After becoming a circle administrator, you can publish your own advertisements and delete other people’s information in the circle. You can guide fans to join the discussion group and promote fans’ activity and stickiness.

performance advertising

The forms of performance advertising include image and text style, picture style, video style and full screen video style.

There are mainly two types of advertising positions:

1.Core information flow delivery

recommendation flow

answer page

question page

comment page

related recommendation 

2.Putting product on the market with high exposure

splash screen

hot list

brand zone

search preset words

business roundtable